In Limbo


IN LIMBO (2022, 32 min) is about a young man who flees from Hungary to West Berlin during the Cold War. Kiesling's story begins with his conscription into the people's army for military service. Ever since he realised that the state – in which he lives – claims ownership of him, his relationship with reality, with real freedom, has changed dramatically. He decides to reset his identity.

Kiesling's attempts at self-determination are told parallel to the history of Freedom Square in Budapest. Since the imperial barracks were demolished and Freedom Square constructed in their place, those in power have erected sculptures, statues and monuments there to commemorate the struggle for freedom and the loss of liberty.

D 2022, 32 min, DCP, englische Sprachfassung


Stimmen: Atanáz Babinchak, Péter Forgács, Gusztáv Hámos, Isabelle Redfern

Übersetzung: Finbarr Morrin

Musikkonzept: Gusztáv Hámos

Komposition: Gusztáv Hámos, Pedro Rodolpho Ramos

Mischung: Martin Steyer

Sound Design: Gaston Ibarroule

Studio Mischung: The Post Republic Hamburg

Fotografie: Gusztáv Hámos

Schwarz-weiß Vergrößerungen: Grauwert Hamburg, Wolfgang Soeder

Google Earth Animation: Armano Forster

Digitale Bildbearbeitung, Schnitt: Katja Pratschke, Gusztáv Hámos, Isidor Hámos

3D Model & Animation: Ramus Kaulitzke

Animation 3D, Grading, DCP: Slaughterhouse GmbH

Colorist: Moritz Peters

Typographie, Titelei: Tim Kellner

Drehbuch, Regie: Gusztáv Hámos, Katja Pratschke

Produktion: Katja Pratschke
2022 © Katja Pratschke, Gusztáv Hámos

Förderung durch
MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg